Thursday, May 19, 2005
I'm really jealous
…..of Stay-at-home Moms. Sometimes I just want to grab one and shake her. I want to scream, what does your husband do for a living? How can you live on one income, afford a house, go on vacations, drive a late model car? The worst are the ones with vacation property on top of it all. “Oh, I just spent the day prepping crafts and activities for the kids to do at the lake this weekend, then I painted the bathroom and planted my shade garden.” Seriously, I know this person!

I want to be that Mom. The one that drives for all the field trips, hands out the food on Hot Lunch Day, helps the teacher in the classroom. I want to pick the kids up from school and spend the afternoon at the park, go get a slurpee. Then I want to saunter home and make a good wholesome dinner. While that’s cooking we’ll work on the kids’ homework, maybe read a story. Everyone’s bed will be made and the laundry will be folded AND put away.

It may sound very June Cleaver to you, but it sounds like paradise to me…