Friday, June 03, 2005
I forgot to patch again!!!
My son Budgie has Amblyopia (lazy eye). I'm telling you this because I'm sitting here at work when it hits me that I didn't put his patch on his eye this morning. Dammit!! A mother at home with her kids would remember such things....she'd be there to look at his face and see the lack of patch on the left eye. Instead, I'm left sitting here at work worrying about the degeneration of his eye condition. His teacher has called me a couple of times to remind me that I didn't put his patch on that morning. She finally suggested that maybe I could stick a couple of spare ones in his backpack. Why didn't I think of that.....because my poor head is so cluttered with lists and work and dreams that I don't stop to just plan things out a little better for myself.

How great things could be if I'd just take the time at night to sign the kid's planners, write out permission slips, write cheques for fundraising items...

I'm going to put that item on my list to implement this weekend. I think I have an opening at 4:33 on Sunday morning!