Tuesday, July 19, 2005
My Life is in the Crapper
So we are in the process of ripping tiles out of our bathroom in preparation for a newly renovated john. We have a REALLY BAD mould problem in there (Lower Mainland dwellers always have this problem) and we’ve been worried about everyone’s health surrounding it. Did you ever see that episode of CSI where the weightlifter dies of a mould infestation in his house…when the coroner pushes on his eyeball all this black goo comes squishing out of his eye…that thought is plaguing me, I keep imagining chest pain means my heart is turning black and I refuse to cry, as I don’t want to wipe black tears off my face…needless to say it freaked me out and we bumped bathroom renovations to the front of our “things to do that we never have enough money for” list.

Besides ripping out all of the walls and starting again, we are replacing the shower with a nice corner unit and installing a new toilet and pedestal sink.

We are taking off the “I can’t believe anyone ever thought that white with brown semicircle tiles were cool” 30 year old tiles (stuck to every wall!) and replacing that with, well, just paint. Zeenee was showing me a picture of her and her best friend ‘Nita. I asked her what they were doing eating in our bathroom. Seems they weren’t in our bathroom, they were in ‘Nita’s kitchen! They put those ugly tiles in everywhere three decades ago! Must have been a sale.

Also, we are removing the CARPET from the floors and replacing it with either ceramic tile or lino. What is with people installing carpet in bathrooms and kitchens? Did they get a good deal? Did they think it was easier to clean urine out of carpet than mopping it off of lino? (boys anyone?) Were they afraid they couldn’t get a good match in lino to those lovely brown and white semicircle tiles?

So this is my life for the next four to fifty weeks ("He" and I are doing it ourselves - eek!). I'll post pictures of before and after. Can’t wait to have a livable, healthy space again.