Friday, August 05, 2005
Meme - 100 Things About...
I've seen this on many blogs I've read and, seeing as I'm a big fan of lists, and, seeing as work didn't capture my fancy this morning, I thought I'd write my own list of "100 Things About Me"...

1. I was born in Munster, Germany.
2. My Dad was in the British Army.
3. We moved to Canada when I was three.
4. I am 33 years old and freak out every year that I get older.
5. 40 is gonna kill me.
6. When I am 46 my youngest, Budgie, will be 20.
7. That is the year “He” and I are buying a two-seater sports car…so nobody else can come with.
8. According to Zeenee, I was the second youngest mom at grade 8 graduation…the other mom had her daughter when she was 17.
9. I had Zeenee when I was 19.
10. Being a teenaged mother (even an older teenaged mother) is very scary.
11. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.
12. Zeenee lived anyways…thankfully.
13. We rolled pennies for milk when we were first married, more times than I care to count.
14. We still don’t own our own house.
15. We live with my parents in a big house that we’d like to buy someday.
16. We’ve done this for five years.
17. It’s worked out pretty well over the years.
18. Except for when I butt heads with my mother.
19. Real estate where we live is NOT CHEAP!
20. I’ve worked in a secretarial role for over 13 years.
21. I believe that it’s something I excel at.
22. I’m not a salesman…I couldn’t sell warm clothing to the Inuit.
23. I’m not patient enough to be a teacher.
24. Although I am a fast learner.
25. I’m also not a nice enough person to be a receptionist.
26. I swear at people after I put them on hold.
27. I am a redheaded, bull-headed Taurus.
28. I was born in the year of the Rat.
29. So was Anabella…she is very like me.
30. When Anabella is a teenager, she is either going to make me go very gray or kill me with her defiance and stubbornness.
31. I don’t have one single gray hair yet.
32. When I find one I’m going to jump.
33. I am an extremely proud Canadian.
34. I am a Liberal.
35. I am pro gay marriage.
36. I am pro-choice.
37. I am not religious.
38. But I do believe in ghosts (just not the holy kind).
39. The number one thing I’d like to see before I die is a ghost.
40. I love to walk around graveyards and read old tombstones…it’s very peaceful.
41. I walk up to our local cemetery often to visit the grave of Terry Fox.
42. I am extremely proud of Terry Fox and all that he did for cancer research.
43. I didn’t have morning sickness one time during all three of my pregnancies.
44. Compared to horror stories I’ve heard, my pregnancies were very easy.
45. Zeenee was 16 days late and 8 hours of labour. I had to be induced.
46. ‘bella was 13 days late and 6 hours of labour. I had to be induced.
47. Budgie was 4 days late and 3 ½ hours of labour. I didn’t have to be induced.
48. Spontaneous labour scared the hell out of me!
49. If it was legal in Canada, I would rent my womb out and be a surrogate mother.
50. If I could go back to school for anything I would take horticulture classes.
51. I love to garden.
52. Martha Washington Geraniums grow the best for me.
53. I am true-blue, minivan-driving, card-carrying Soccer Mom.
54. One of my greatest loves is watching my daughters play soccer.
55. I can scream very loud!
56. But I’ve never been red-carded by the refs.
57. I have been a Girl Guide Leader for five years.
58. I was a Girl Guide for ten years as a child.
59. I have met the most caring, creative, talented and wonderful women alive through Girl Guides.
60. I have two brothers, Gobbles and Freddy Fortine.
61. I am very close to both of them.
62. I have two nephews, Thursday (3) and Beans (1).
63. I have one niece, “O” (5 months).
64. I love being an Auntie…mostly because I can enjoy the good parts and give them back when they’re bad.
65. I would consider getting a tattoo.
66. I would pierce my belly button as a reward for myself if I lost 50 pounds.
67. Don’t worry it will never happen.
68. I wish I was more of a “hip young mom”…I am kind of frumpy.
69. I don’t think of myself as a fat person…the image of me is much thinner in my brain than real life.
70. As a result I am often shocked when I walk past a mirror or window.
71. Zeenee has a mirror in her room that makes me look ten pounds thinner…I do the “I’m too sexy” catwalk in front of it every day.
72. I am a very silly person.
73. My kids love it when my bum talks to them at bedtime…I wiggle it around and use it as a puppet (kind of like Ace Ventura)…and yes, that’s enough about that…
74. Zeenee and I watched “So You Think You Can Dance” on TV last week, then made up our own dance routine…watch for us on the show next year.
75. Zeenee says that her family is not normal like other families, but she loves that we’re over-silly…
76. We compare ourselves to the Simpsons on a regular basis...Doh!
77. I can’t eat Chinese food…I think it’s all made of monkey brains and rat guts.
78. I don’t understand sushi.
79. I do understand chocolate.
80. I think chocolate should have its own category in the Canada Food Guide.
81. I lived in Calgary, Alberta for 23 years and still consider it my home.
82. I am a displaced Calgarian.
83. Calgarians don’t eat sushi…we eat beef.
84. My husband was my first and only boyfriend.
85. My husband is my best friend.
86. We have been together for 17 years…since we were 16.
87. I couldn’t train another like him…
88. I have never tried an illegal drug.
89. I have tried smoking…ugh!
90. Cigarette smoke is my number one worst smell.
91. When I was little I used to remove clean ashtrays from the tables of restaurants before I would sit down.
92. I don’t like to kiss my husband when he shaves off his goatee, because he looks like he’s twelve…kissing a twelve year old is bad karma…
93. I love taking naps on our trampoline…it’s better than a Sealy Posturpedic.
94. I used to love bouncing on trampolines…
95. Until I started getting black eyes from my large chest…
96. I was an A cup before I had Zeenee…now I’m a D…
97. My bra once landed on a police officer’s shoe…story for another day…
98. I type 70 words per minute.
99. I only think about 2 words per minute.
100. It has taken me a good part of the morning to write this.

I love reading these I'm tagging CHSIL, landismom, beth, momof2, Mrs. B, and're up next. If you've already done it, I haven't been paying attention...could you please bring it to my attention so I can read...thanks!

Time until I'm back with my family: 5 hours...yaa weekend!

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