Friday, September 16, 2005
Tampax Thief
At work we have a cupboard in the women's bathroom where we, the eight girls who work here, can store our "supplies". I regularly bring in a 20 count box of Tampax to put in there for thosefivetosevendaysofthemonthwhereyouwanttokilleveryonearoundyou. Louise, my colleague, complained a couple of weeks ago that everytime she went to use her pads they were depleted or altogether gone. I told her that it couldn't be me as I bring my own stuff and don't usually use pads anyways.

This week, I go to use my stuff and notice that the box is half empty! Then a day later there's only six left...yes, I counted, then I locked the box closed and turned it upside down (hey, I watch CSI...and if I don't have a finger print kit the least I can do is fool the thief). I'm thinking about putting a note in the box with some catchy saying about gag tampons that explode after insertion (too rude yes?).

Shortly after my maternity leave (when Anabella was born) I would bring a litre of milk to work to put in my tea. The only thing we had to put in our drinks otherwise was Coffeemate whitener (aka "White Death") and I wasn't putting that anywhere near my Tweety mug. I guess the sales guys must have thought my milk was a free-for-all because it would be empty by the second day of the week...

...until I put a post-it note on the carton that said "BREAST MILK"...nobody touched it ever again.

Disclaimer: Our office manager (FOF) buys us just about everything we could ever need from Costco -- I'm talking mouth wash, Tums, Aspirin, hand cream, candies, cookies, the works -- I'm betting the thief thinks FOF is picking up the tab on the "white firecrackers" also...I'll have to set her straight...*evil grin*

Time until I'm back with my family: 5 hours, 9 minutes

Laundry list: My Mom just called and said the washer broke...whoo-hoo, a field trip to the laundromat is imminent