Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Ze Headless Chicken - c'est moi
I have no time!!! I can't get to my blogs and update...can't find time to write articles for my site...no time for cleaning...gaaaaa! **Stress moment**

This is my weekly schedule...after I work full-time hours:

Monday: Zeenee - physio, Budgie - Beavers

Tuesday: Budgie - Judo, Zeenee - Soccer Practice, Bella & Me - Girl Guides, He - hockey (Tuesday is our doozey of a night)

Wenesday: Bella - Soccer Practice (wow, just that?)

Thursday: Budgie - Judo (another lite nite)

Friday: Weeks over...rest (or like this weekend, go to camp...thereby obliterating any chance of getting housework or laundry done)

Sunday: Zeenee - Soccer Game, Bella - Soccer Game

Must be September once again.

Time until I'm back with my busy family: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Laundry list: loads and loads of loads