Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Stats Nov. 2005 - Admin. Ave.
My final October stats for Administrative Avenue were impressive!

Oct 05 Visits 999 Visitors 720 Page Views 1892
Sep 05 Visits 360 Visitors 250 Page Views 684
Aug 05 Visits 106 Visitors 53 Page Views 190

My income for the month was $27.71...$3.29 short of a dollar a day! Not bad for the first month of actually monetizing the site!

As Ken Envoy from SBI! likes to stress: "We do things the way of the tortoise -- slowly, methodically" -- I won't get rich quick...but I'll get more comfortable within the first year...Hey, who couldn't use a couple of hundred extra bucks a month right?

Well, back to building content, content, content...

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