Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Ho, Ho, Home
Dear Santa,

If at all possible, could you please bring me this for Christmas:

It is a mere $439,900 Canadian (like $12.00 American) and has a built-in-dishwasher (woot!). It's a really good deal Santa...it has come down about $20,000 in price since it first went on the market. It would get us away from "evil granny" (cause Santa...there may be a police incident soon), it has four bedrooms, there's room for the trampoline in the 1/4 acre backyard and, AND, it's on the same street as Zeenee's best friend Nita...it would be a safe move Santa...we wouldn't be stabbed in the night by a murderous teenager who's been moved away from the centre of her universe.

I'd kick in the 103 dollars in my piggy bank and, AND, I would promise not to complain about going to work again...for at least 4 minutes.

But, if you can't find it in your heart or your wallet to bring me my greatest wish Santa, I would also like Season One of Fame and a new housecoat (extra fluffy)....oh, and world peace to everyone except for grouchy, lazy seniors.

Your friend,

Desperate to be a Housewife