Monday, January 09, 2006
It's time to speak up for yourself!!!

There's a rumour going around the blogosphere that this is "International Delurking Week"...I know because rude cactus said...I know because the fish said...I know because danigirl said...these are smart, good-looking, hygenically conscious people...they don't tell lies.

So if you read here and you've never had occassion to comment (or even if you HAVE commented before)...pop in and say "hi", pop in and say "hello", pop in and say "good-day", pop in and say something! I know how many people visit here everyday...I've read the stats...I know you're out there!

...and if you don't comment, I'll be forced to send Cheap Bastard over to YOUR house to renovate YOUR bathroom...see if that doesn't make you cry a little bit.