Monday, January 16, 2006
This morning I emailed the PAC (Parents Advisory Council) President of Zeenee's high school and tendered my resignation as Secretary. The thought of "just one more meeting" this week sent me over the edge. I decided to to quit as I'd been thinking about it for months (since I was cajoled into doing the job in the first place)...the weight off my shoulders today is already paying off...I did a dance at the thought of only taking Budgie to Beavers tonight. No borrowing my mother's car so I can go one way and CB can go the other. No soliciting others for rides, cause we've only got one vehicle, two parental units and three kids in two activities each...the math is making my head spin!

Also, on Saturday night I was compelled to attend one of those Partylite candle parties at my old friends home three cities away (a 40 minute drive on a Saturday night in the best of traffic). Don't you think it's a bit presumptuous to say in your reminder e-mail "don't forget your chequebook"...even if you include a "ha, ha" at the end of this statement, I'm led to the conclusion that I'm not invited because I'm the life of every want me to spend enough cash so you can get your free, tacky, brushed metal wall-sconce that's gonna burst your home into flames the first time you forget to snuff it out before you leave for that double feature at the multiplex.

Anyways, I went and was back in 2 hours (the drive was only 32 minutes each way...ha!), only $27.84 poorer (bought one very lovely scented, blue, 3 wick, brick holder) AND I refused to book a show. The thought of the commitment to inviting 45 of my closest friends to "bring your chequebooks...ha, ha" to my ugly house and spend an hour smelling 4 million different candle scents would keep me awake at night wondering if they didn't think me a cheapo little, candle grubbing witch. I would much rather have 5 of my closest friends over for wine, munchies and least I could look them in the eye in the morning!

So, 2006 is the year of NO!

  • No, I will not take on a third or fourth Guiding position. I love Guiding and believe deeply in it's philosophy...but it is not just "an hour a week" as they always sell you in the is closer to 5 hours a week. I already hold two positions, my hands are full.

  • No, I will not join your committee.

  • No, I will not invite 45 of my closest friends to my house to buy your overpriced junk.

  • No, I will not coordinate a craft night for 50 Beavers.

  • No, I will not oversee another pub night for the soccer team...okay, I already committed to the one we're having in March, but I said yes in 2005, when saying yes was in style..."yes is the new blue".

It's time I had some "me" time...and I'm penciling that in for 10:45 tonight...right after I bake those cookies for the bake sale, which is right after I prepare the craft for tomorrow night's Guide meeting.

Yay me!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: 4 hours, 56 minutes

Laundry List: I was done at 4:30 yesterday...then Zeenee snuck up with another load...lucky for her, she's very apt at the laundry dance...she did it herself and I didn't have to "end" her.

Other stuff: If you live in the Lower Mainland (or Canada even, probably) - Superstore has all their school supplies on sale right now...even though I wasn't in the market for school supplies yesterday (it's January!), I picked up scissors for 44 cents - regular 3.98! - glue for 44 cents - math sets for 99 cents - and loads of other stuff for unbelievable prices...if you have kids in school like me you're always looking for deals...this was a nice one!

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