Thursday, February 23, 2006
I hope you dance
Thanks for the encouragement about the hair and nails everyone! I've decided to go for it and get my hair coloured next week. The nails? I think I'll either do a home job or just try and let them grow a little more. Went to WW tonight and only lost that 0.6 of a pound that I gained last the 20 pound prize is looking further in the distance than I thought. I'll definately be rewarding myself when I do reach it, but I'm thinking it won't be happening before April at this rate. Meh.

I got some good news at the dentist though. That's kind of an oxymoron isn't it? Who gets good news at the dentist? Anyways, I recently got coverage through my work, so with CB's plan and mine combined all of my future dental work, including two more crowns I need, are fully covered! Score! Plus. Plus! My dentist...the lovely and talented Dr. Matthew...who I now love like family, is going to put porcelain veneers on my four front teeth! And that will be covered too! God, I love that man! See, I have a small grinding problem (okay, bigger than small) and have grinded my teeth down to half of their regular size. My front teeth are extra short and ugly...I hate them. My dentist put bonding on them five years ago, but that chips and falls apart easily. So veneers it is. I feel like I've died and been re-incarnated on Extreme Makeover.

I took Zeenee and her friends to the grade 9/10 dance tonight. Actually, first I came home from work, drove Z to Pharmasave to buy "the perfect colour of cover-up" (makeup shopping rocks), then I drove her over to her friend Meg's house so they could get ready and iron their hair (they do it with a real iron! she's gonna lose an ear yet). I drove home and made dinner, then back to Meg's to pick up four of them and deposit them at the dance. My friend Tracy stopped on the road after I got home. She'd been to the same place, only she'd dropped off 4 boys at the dance. It was funny, my car smelled like Brittney and her's smelled like Axe!

I watched the girls all walk into the school in a big group and got a little nostalgic. I remember getting ready for dances with my girlfriends. Were we gonna get asked to dance? Who by? Who did we hope asked us? The only difference between us and them were the styles of the day...we wore skin-tight, high waisted Jordache jeans, shaker-knit sweaters, high-tops and had our hair feathered just right. Zeenee and crowd wore skin-tight, low waisted Dorina jeans, tight t-shirts, Adidas and they all had their hair ironed straight (they all smelled amazing too).

God, but they looked beautiful...

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: I'm here now...and. AND! I have tomorrow off! I'll be off visiting my friend in Langley (who I went to dances with in Grade 9) and then be taking my big butt to the gym. I'm gonna need a body to match my new teeth!

Laundry List: Lots, but I have a long weekend to do it. So. I should be starting it by Sunday at 4:00.