Friday, March 17, 2006
A List - Now with more bullets per square inch!

You will be pleasantly
surprised at what the
Bible says about sex.

- from the billboard outside
Coquitlam Alliance Church

  • Why thank you Mr. Church. I'm sure you're right. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at what your billboard said. So much, in fact, that I smiled all the way home even though my gums were still sore from where the hygenist had picked at them for an hour during my cleaning...with that sharp little evil hook. I look forward to driving by in the future. Next week's sermon, "Shock Advertising, Why it works!".

  • Yes, I did attend at my dentist's office today for my semi-annual cleaning. Ouch, gross and ewww come to mind. Mostly ouch. Might I just say that if I didn't love my dentists like family, I would drop them like a rock in a deep well due to the parking situation. The parking? Is horrible! They're located in one of those mini malls and they have exactly four spaces for parking. If you're not lucky enough to get there when someone else is leaving you have to go around the back and try to find an semi-underground space. But look hard, cause most of the spaces are Doctor Parking Only or Do Not Park Here Unless You're Having Your Hair Cut And Coloured At Lovely Locks or This Is A Free Parking Space, It's Just Not Your Free Parking Space. The parking usually throws me into a major stress attack EVERY TIME I go there and as I'm hiking the 50 miles from my car to the dentist's office I'm always thinking of the comments I'm going to make to the receptionist or the hygenist or the dentist himself about the attrocious parking situation. But they must have some kind of calming gas being piped into that office, because when I walk in I just say hello, look for the latest issue of People Magazine and rest my butt on the comfy leather couch in the waiting room. I've always wanted to suggest that they move to one of those big old houses in the neighbourhood. We've all seen them. Those calm, serene looking professional offices tucked into a sidestreet. With all that parking. Heaven I tell you. I suppose I COULD just start going to a dentist in my neighbourhood, but people...if you ever met my dentist's? You too would drive to the city next door to let them grind and polish your teeth. You would totally pink puffy heart them as I do.

  • I've been off work for the last two days to spend time with the kids while they're home for Spring Break. We've had a blast. Budgie and Anabella started their own scrapbooks...which are wonderfully done. They've each completed four pages and I showed them how to crop their photos and mat them and mount them on the paper. They are so proud of their creations. Then we went to Michael's and bought some FIMO clay and made little bugs and flowers...just cause we felt like making little bugs and flowers. They'll totally come in handy one day. Or maybe not, but they were fun to make.

  • The five of us have become completely hooked on the TV show Lost. We rented the first season and all of us ended up watching it separately or together over the last few weeks. We'd put a disk in and watch 2-4 episodes in a sitting. It is a fabulous show! Why didn't anyone ever tell me how good this show is?! Anyways, CB downloaded Season 2 (no he didn't, pretend you didn't read that) and we've watched three episodes together as a family. We decided that we should all watch at the same time, so someone couldn't give away part of the story to anyone who hadn't watched a particular episode. Zeenee went to stay at a friend's house last night, so we couldn't watch any Lost. I'm having a few withdrawal symptoms at the moment and I can't wait to watch some more tonight. I'm hoping CB will let us watch the next twelve episodes straight through. Hey, who can't stay up until six in the morning watching this show?

  • Bella has a soccer tourney this weekend in...Vancouver (ugh!). I despise driving into Vancouver for ANYTHING because, although we're only 30 minutes away, it takes about 6 hours to drive there when there's traffic (and there's traffic ALL THE DAY AND NIGHT!). I just have no use for Vancouver. I don't need it. Everything I need is either here in the Tri-Cities or on the internet. Doesn't matter that CB's job is in Vancouver, so the city is in fact paying our bills. I just have no use for driving through there or shopping there or even thinking about there. Vancouver? You're not needed. You're free to leave. See ya. Bye. (and if you live in Vancouver, please don't send me hate mail. I love YOU. Really!)

  • Cheap Bastard just got home and is whining about how hungry he is, so I'd better go and make him some pizza. I don't understand why he can't eat a snack in the late afternoon, but he refuses to. I know how to make him smile. I'll tell him how pleasantly surprised he'll be by what the Bible has to say about sex...

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: Present and accounted for.

Laundry List: Accounted for, present and waiting to be done.