Monday, March 06, 2006
A Spring in my step
The crocuses are up. We are no longer scraping a thin layer of frost off the van windows in the mornings...and the distinct sound of birds chirping in the trees could be heard at 4:38 a.m. on Sunday morning. Spring has sprunged! The sun is visiting more often! Vicky has not had a depression fueled panic attack in over a week!

Spring usually causes me to make lists (at least in my head) of things to do. Accomplishments I need to make in the coming year.

It also causes the gardening-itch to spring (seasonal pun) up from I find myself outside in the backyard planning my assault on the rock-wall ivy that's out of control and envisioning the many flowing, drippy plants I can buy and plant in baskets and nourish and love. This is my favourite part of living on the West Coast. The growing season is sooooo long! In Calgary you don't dare put plants out until the middle of June and by September the first frost has hit and killed most living things. But here? Start planning in February, start buying and planting in later March...and put your beloved garden to rest in early November. I heart gardening here.

I am a displaced Calgarian, who could be packed by tonight if you told me I get to move back...but I would still miss here. The mountains in my backyard, the giant trees, the Spring-Summer-Fall weather (but not the winter. The four months of absolutely-no-sun-not-even-if-you're-a-good-person are a killer). There's no question why people put up with the high cost of living's bee-U-tee-ful.

I think spring has given me an extra-large kick in the butt this year, because this is what I've knocked off of my list in the last two weeks:

Organize storage room: from not being able to fit the vacuum back in the room to being able to hold a gala event in there. I cleaned and organized and reshuffled and got-rid-of-it from morning until nearly 10 at night! I organized my six-years worth of Guiding stuff. I put all my craft stuff in neatly labelled boxes on precisely organized shelves. Next on the list? Make a trip to Goodwill and the City Dump, so back driveway and entryway look less like a dumpster-diver's hovel. Seems I got rid of a little too much (grin).

Deep clean kitchen: I removed the colony of popcorn and bread-crumbs that was attempting to propogate under the microwave, scrubbed all surfaces with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (people! If you do not yet own some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers go immediately to the store and get some. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.00. They are the invention of the century!), cleaned the fridge, washed the floors and shined my sink ala Flylady (I bow to the Flylady).

Organize and run kickass pub night for soccer team: it went off without a hitch on Saturday night and we raised $1000 for the team to go to a tournament in Victoria in early April. Not sure how many WW points 4 "Creamsicle" drinks add up to, but at least I don't have to count the spontaneous tequilla those promo guys poured into my mouth after the team's coach pushed me into a chair and said "here Vick, try this!"...because ha! Most of it flowed down my boobs and into my bra. A sticky situation to be sure.

Wash walls: okay, I only washed one so far. But. But! I went in the shed and got the drill and removed the air return vent off the wall, bleached it in my Flylady sink and scrubbed the wall and baseboards with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! The wall? Is white. Who woulda thunk it. Only eighty or so more walls to go in the coming weeks.

Act all high maintenance mama and get hair cut and coloured at salon: Done, done and done. I love it...that is to say I loved it after the hairdresser did it on Saturday. That euphoria ended this morning when I figured out IT WOULD NEVER LOOK THAT GOOD AGAIN! Unless said hairdresser is willing to visit my home every morning to flip it just so with the straightening iron. She convinced me to keep my natural red underneath and highlight it with blonde streaks. Looks pretty damned cool if I do say so myself.

Make list of things that still need doing: In a million years, I would never have enough time to do this. They include removing Llama from stairwell wall, painting kitchen cupboards and putting laminate on kitchen floors (I swear my sanity would increase ten fold with this simple step), scrapbooking my tens of thousand of pictures, sewing Guide badges on campfire blankets (some of mine are from 1978!) and of course to start my gardening. At this point it's not safe to think about the never-ending-bathroom-renovation-from-hell. I'm still hoping to again shower in there before I retire... 2037!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: 4 hours, 38 min

Laundry List: Unfortunately new loads SPRING up every day...there will never be a catch up day for this chore...sigh