Tuesday, April 04, 2006
New month's resolution: post more often. post interesting. post something!
I've decided I need to sit down EVERY DAY (every weekday at least) and blog for a minmum of ten minutes. Whatever comes into my head at the time, that's what's coming out of my fingers (no, not the middle one...not often anyways). I got the idea from my good friend Wil Wheaton. If you've read here a lot, you know that me and him are LIKETHIS...due to the fact that I wrote him a fan letter in 1986(ish) and he wrote back. He suggested on his blog(to me personally of course...but he put it on his blog as a courtesy to every one of his other readers) that one should sit down for ten minutes every day and just write. So...I'm gonna try it.


Now, while we're on the subject of my good friend Wil Wheaton...we should probably review how it happened that we became such good friends that he would shell out advice to ME PERSONALLY (even though he put it on his blog for all to see)...he did, after all, send me a letter once...personally addressed to myself.

As a starry-eyed thirteen year old, I met and fell in love with Wil Wheaton when I first saw Stand By Me (the first of eleventy million viewings by MYSELF, personal friend of Wil Wheaton). I think I found the fanmail address in Tiger Beat/Teen Beat/16 Magazine (that I bought on the way home from the movie) and I quickly zipped off a letter extoling the pure brilliance of his performance:
"oh my god, I so totally like you Wil. You should move to Canada and we could hang out. I'm, like, 13 and you're, like, 13! We're the same age! That's so cool!"
....hmmm, I guess I didn't nominate him for an Oscar or anything, but I totally let him know how I felt...c.r.u.s.h.

Anyways, a few days (plus six months) later, I got a letter back from him! Addressed to me! A letter! From Wil Wheaton!!!

It was on yellow paper and read something like:
Dear Wil Wheaton Fan:

Thanks for your letter. It was cool of you to write to me. You are a cool Wil Wheaton Fan. Cool.

From Wil Wheaton
(*Wil Wheaton photocopied signature* <-- he signed it!)

What my 13 year old self read though, was:
(written on personal stationery with his home address)
Dear Vicky F.,

I am moving to Canada tomorrow to the house right next door to yours. We can hang out everyday and when we grow up we can get married. Cool.

Love Forever, Wil Wheaton
(real signature...in blood)

So you see, ever since that letter Wil and I have been LIKETHIS. Of course, he went on to marry his lovely wife Anne and I met and married the handsome Cheap Bastard. I guess we eventually decided we weren't compatible (like I turned 14 and totally crushed on one of the Corey's instead...something like that)...that and I wasn't a big Star Trek fan (like Cheap Bastard is...he would have totally married Wil Wheaton to get a peek at the set of that show). We went about our separate ways in late 1987 and one day I typed his name into a search engine and stumbled upon his blog which I really enjoy reading. One day I just might find myself leaving him a comment...

...and a reminder about that special (yellow photocopied) letter from long ago.


(And this is just my long, round about, crazy way of getting my ten minutes of writing in today...thanks for the idea Wil)

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: 2 hours, 49 minutes

Laundry List: Me and the laundry are LIKETHIS!