Monday, April 17, 2006
Guess what Budgie is doing right now. Go ahead guess!

Great guess. Yep, he's having a shower. In OUR bathroom! In the new shower!

Hallelujah! It's finally done!

Now...don't ask me about the rest of the bathroom. We haven't even started the adoption proceedings for the toilet and sink yet. Ask me next year. I may have a definitive answer by then. was everyone's Easter weekend? Mine was FAN.TAS.TIC!!! We got the entire house scrubbed and all the laundry done on Friday, so that left the next three days free to sit around and catch up on my TV shows (24-Season 4 and Lost-Season Two). I also went to the gym Saturday morning. I'm down 13.4 pounds as of last Thursday...whoohoo! I like to think of each pound as a stick of butter...if I can picture it that way it feels like I've lost lots. I can't feel any loss around my waistband yet and was telling one of the councellors at Weight Watchers this. She said it's unusual that I haven't noticed any shrinkage, but she did say my pants would probably just fall off one day. With my luck, it'll be at work in front of an important client or something. "Hello sir. Would you like to see my Underoos?" Either way, I'll be happy when it happens :)

Ha ha. The cat is jumping and hissing at the window at another cat who has dared to enter her territory. Pizza is an inside cat, so she gets quite territorial about her "window space"...any creature she can see out her window is in her space. She has fallen off the window sill a total of five times tonight so far. It's hilarious because the grey cat on the outside looks totally unaffected by her anger...I actually think he's laughing internally at poor Pizza Maria. "Stupeed caht. Vy don't choo come out here and say dat to my face." (this cat...he is obviously Russian or French...or from New York)

Well, I'm off to put Bella in the shower for her maiden voyage. Then it's another two episodes of 24. Air Force One has just been hit by a missile and I'm hanging by a thread waiting to see the next installment.

Happy Easter Monday!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: Here now. Work in 12 hours, 50 minutes. Another three day week for me. Friday off with the kids (Pro-D Day) Can I have another "hallelujah"?

Laundry List: Done. Done. And done. And....hallelujah!