Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Working Title: I got nuthin...
Okay, it's 3:32 and I finally have ten minutes to spare. Okay, I'm lying. I have NO TIME to spare, but I'm taking some. Right now.

Thanks to all who commented about the dog. It's going to be weird around the house for the next little while. Nobody to follow me around as I do the laundry...because the milkbones were in the laundry room cupboard (and I was generous with them...two or three at a time!). Guess I'm going solo on the laundry from now on. It wasn't like she helped me fold or anything...she was just good company.

On to other things then? Oh. I know. I have one! My Zeenee made the honour roll! My daughter. The fruit of my (and my husband's) never-on-the-honour-roll-loins...made the honour roll. (damn these ringing phones...can't somebody else pick them up? I'm not the receptionist! Fine I'll answer it! Hold please...) This accomplishment gains extra merrit when you consider that Zeenee couldn't read very well until about Grade 4. And now. Honour Roll! (I'm getting a little verclempt) And. And! Her coach named her MVP on her soccer team (she's co-sharing the title with another player, but still...MVP!). Extra proud mama today people...extra proud.

I've got to spend some time packing for Victoria tonight, because...Cheap Bastard? Wants us on the 10:00 ferry on Friday morning. And? If you know anything about traffic around here (I've only mentioned my disdain for Lower Mainland traffic, oh, three or four (hundred) times on this blog before) that means we have to leave the house at SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! A full half-hour before I would regularly leave for work on a regular weekday. Holiday my ass! So...I'll have to start packing tonight and have it all ready by tomorrow night. There'll be no time for packing in the wee hours of the mornin on Friday. Lord above, why does he take travelling so seriously? I'll have to stop thinking about this now, before I go off on a CB rant...

I'll leave you with this. I just checked my stats on sitemeter and reviewed the "referrals" (how people got to my site). They are some funny. The search terms are in bold and my snarky answers follow. Enjoy.

saggy butt pants fix When you find out, let me know. My "regions" need some help.

hot+housewife+by+vicky We're considering installing air conditioning here at D2bH...

I want to be housewife Me too sweetie. Me too.

frightening images Have you met my butt?

how to sterilize electric shavers Ummm. Rubbing alcohol?

desperate housewife No no. Desperate TO BE A Housewife

housewife sex I'll take whatever you're offering...

how to be a housewife? Again, when you find out let me know.

Can housewife get jobs & in which field Yes. Mine is available. Do you like answering phones?

i'll be there vancouver Not me. I try to avoid it.

housewife boobs What have you got against working mom boobs?

desperate Google found eleventy billion results for "desperate"...please narrow your search.

jobs for 18 year old wimen For a start, I think you'll want to stay away from "Editor".

vicky present!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I'm back with my family: 26 minutes. I'm leaving now. I'm on my way...from misery to happiness today. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.

Laundry List: Soccer uniforms. Priority.