Thursday, May 18, 2006
Missing No Longer
Thank Goodness she was found alive!

A missing 11-year-old girl from the B.C. Interior community of Armstrong, who police feared yesterday had been abducted, has reportedly been found, and is safely being cared after at a hospital in Vernon, B.C. A man has been arrested in connection with her disappearance, but he has not been charged.

I was so relieved to hear this on the radio this morning when I got to work. As a Mother, nothing strikes fear into me as much as the thought of one of my children going missing. I really believe that there could be no worse fate. It's horrible to say, but I think I would rather know that my child was dead than missing. At least I would know where they were...I wouldn't have to wonder forever...fear that they were constantly being hurt, abused, neglected...

After 15 years, do this child's parents sleep at night? Does the pain ever go away? Does it even subside a little bit? Is there just too much anxiety? Guilt? Remorse? Does that day replay over and over in their minds?

I'm praying now that little Carmen wasn't too badly hurt and traumatized in the past two days. For her and her family, I wish for peace.

My fellow Moms...what do you fear the most?