Monday, June 26, 2006
Yesterday the Earth melted. The End.

Still here? Let me explain. No, let me sum up (quote: Inigo Montoya--The Princess Bride). 33! Yesterday's temperatures registered at 33...Celcius. Please, if you live south of the border or north up in Alaska or out in the sea in Hawaii, do not ask me how hot that is in Farenheit. I would end up saying, "it was like, 75 degrees" and you would say, "meh, that's not so hot" and I would say, "sorry, I'm not so good with big numbers and farenheit and other non-metric stuff like that" and you would say, "stupid Canadian!" and I would be like, "well! Now we can't be friends. Please leave my beautiful, sprawling country out of this" (cause we Canadians are all polite and stuff and we'd never swear at you and call you a Yank or a Beyotch or least not to your face. I'd totally swear at you in my head though...and maybe in my blog) and you would say, "gee, I'm sorry. I'll forgive you your stupidity" and I would be all like, "yaa!" So, yeah, it's better that we stick to Celcius. So 33! Hot!

We drove around town yesterday looking for an outdoor pool that was open, but I guess they don't open until July 1st. So, there goes my plans for taking the kids to the outdoor pool on Friday. I'd be all early and waiting in the parking lot for 24 hours wouldn't be so great...would be stiffling actually.

So? How have you been internet? I would ask my 3 regular readers if they've missed me (MIL, FIL and you!) but they've probably moved on to greener blogging pastures. You can't go without blogging for two weeks and expect to retain your readers...unless you're Dooce or Amalah. Sadly, I am not (cause if I had Amalah's handbag collection it would surely cure my depression...and any other various ailments that may strike my person).

This new payroll job is SUCKING! I have no time to BLOG. I have no time to READ BLOGS. I only have time to WORK. And really, if that's all you have time for in life you might as well just lay down and die.

But...good news! I won't have to endure this suckage for too much longer. I will be saved. Tune in tomorrow (or? The next time I blog. Two days? Two weeks? Only time will tell!) when I'll fill you in on WHY the suckage will be coming to an end.

...until we meet again, my fair internet.

Time until I'm back with my family: 56 minutes

Laundry List: Jeans, casual clothes, maybe some coveralls (this is a clue...we are gonna play Vick's Clues, we are gonna play Vick's Clues...)