Thursday, June 15, 2006
She's Some Kind of Wonderful
Today I love my auto insurance broker because in twenty minutes she will be saving my ass from being arrested on the way home from work.

I thought my insurance was valid until tomorrow and we all know ProcrastaMom leaves things until the last. possible. minute. so I was going to stop by tomorrow morning on my day off and pick up my decal. Seems I need some remedial reading instruction, because as I was perusing my reminder letter this morning I realized that IT EXPIRED TWO DAYS AGO! (I ask you, do I look good in stripes? Is prison food delicious, yet healthy and organic? Do children of the incarcerated grow up healthy...and organic?)

So I phone up my broker (and sob and wail and beg and plead and offer blood or money or candy) and she says "no problem, I'll just do up the paperwork and DELIVER IT TO YOUR OFFICE IN ABOUT TWENTY MINUTES (!!!)." Which? I guess is a routine thing she does for all her clients. But? Makes me feel special all the same because I will not be eating Salisbury steak and runny mashed potatoes off a steel tray for tonight's dinner (and to the *RCMP I say "ha, ha suckas! Go eat some donuts.").

That, my friends, is service with a capital Q. Is it considered in bad taste to full on smooch your insurance broker? Mmm, yeah. I shall refrain.

*I would just like to express my true admiration and appreciation for the brave men and women who serve the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Please do not arrest me. You don't smell anything like those evil horses you ride and no, those jodhpurs don't make your bums look big at all. A dozen donuts for each of me...Stephen Harper 1-800-0-CANADA.