Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Did you disappear? I haven't seen a post in awhile here!
Why? Why does cat urine have to smell so incredibly bad? And why? Why would Vicky use that as an opener to a post?

Because I've just spent twenty minutes on my knees soaking up cat pee with a full roll of paper towels and cursing like a sailor at that Tabby fiend! Don't ask me how she manages to pee UNDER the cat box and not IN IT. What do I look like... Houdini? I know why she did it though. She's a bitch. She's spiteful and sneaky and cranky and horrid...and she's mad at us for daring to leave her for five days, then come home on the Thursday and leave her again after an hour for another three days. It's just me and her in the house this week and I have poured on the love. Poured it on...but she still feels the need to stab me in the back and make my house smell like a meth lab on a hot day. She's lucky I haven't sewn the end of her tail to her ears and used her as a purse! (please do not forward this post to the SPCA. I will refrain from storing my wallet and keys in my feline. Promise)


So, where have I been for the past twelve or so days? Camping at Cultus Lake in Chilliwack, BC with my brother and his family and some friends of ours.

When we pulled in to register at the provincial park the warden said, "lucky you. You guys get the most coveted site in the park." This sounded like good news and as we drove in we realized why she'd said that.

We scored a double site 50 feet from the lake! We could hear the water lapping the shore in the morning and because that made me want to pee, I was especially grateful to be less than 100 yards from the bathrooms (flush toilets with showers! Much appreciated by Zeenee and her teenager friend she brought along. They only used the showers 45 billion times in the five days we were there...they also brought their straightening irons. Camping! But that's a post for another day).

This is the tent city we constructed in under 11 hours (okay twelve, but we had to stop for refreshment breaks every four and a half minutes...mmmm, beer). The strong nylon walls were in place to protect us from giant, mutant pink, yellow and green snakes as witnessed here. I managed to snap this one basking in the afternoon sun. That's our tent on the left. The teenagers were too cool to sleep with the 'rents, so they had their own tent as far away from us as they could get. Zeenee's friend brought one of those instant pop-up tents and they challenged us to a race putting up the tents. Our multi-pole mansion against insta-tent. We won. Cause their tent was packed on the very bottom of all the stuff in the van. Ha, ha...nyah, nyah! I am 34.

On the Tuesday, we rented a boat and went tubing.


I have to stop here and say how much I am hating Blogger right now. Hate. I am trying to link my pictures from flickr and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Anyways, the rest of my camping pictures are located here. Question. How do the rest of you link pictures from flickr? Do you use HTML or is there a quick way to link from flickr and have them show up on your blog. Blogger is very unreliable about posting pictures. Until I have the cash to switch to Typepad or Wordpress, I'm stuck here though.


We had a fantastic time camping from Sunday to Thursday. Then, as I said, we came home for about an hour and then drove the kids to the Okanagan to stay with their Granny and Poppa (MIL and FIL). They are staying until Thursday....Cheap Bastard is out of town training on the new machine with my brother in Seattle...

...and I am stuck here by myself with this evil cat. Anybody want to buy a purse?

Time until I'm back with my family: Kids=2 days, Husband=3 days. I am so lonely and tired (and the cat is staring at me. She wants to claw my eyes out, I just know it). There's no-one here to remind me to go to bed and I have been staying up until well past 11:00. Anybody want to come over and eat salt n' vinegar chips with me and watch the first two seasons of Friends? Help me remember when to turn in? Anybody?

*Ha, ha. Anonymous...I just got your note as I was writing this. When am I posting again? Right now baby!

**PPS...thanks everyone for the well wishes on our Anniversary. I got taken out to dinner at Eastside Marios and then we went to see "You, Me and Dupree". I highly recommend it! Ooooh, also? Cheap Bastard, my usually cheap husband who won't buy two-ply toilet paper even if it's on sale for cheaper than the one-ply, wants me to start looking for a ring. With a real diamond! Oh the horror that is my life!