Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Has anybody had trouble accessing the comments on this blog? I'm not asking because there's been a lack of comments (the norm is 2-3 per post), but because when I try to click on the comments button here at work (and sometimes at home) it won't open the comments window for me. And that is when my mouse takes the most abuse...what with being thrown against the [soft] cubicle wall and the amount of pressure my index finger puts on the left clicker button when it. just. won't. open. the. window. dammit. dammit! Sometimes if I refresh the window then it will open the comments and sometimes if I swear really loud it will open and sometimes if I sacrifice a virgin chicken and throw the entrails at the screen it will open. Sometimes.

If you've had the same problem with my blaaaawgg could you please email me in the complaints department at: procrastamomATgmailDOTcom

Thanks for doing your part to help save innocent livestock.